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To whom it may concern....

            ....I have known L. Skip Johnson for more than five years. During that time I have been the editor of several publications including; Ocean County Magazine and Beachcomber Magazine, published by Hansen in Toms River, N.J.  Skip has been the most dedicated, reliable, and talented writers/photographer I have ever had the privilege of working with.

            His assignments have included a wide variety of subjects ranging from historical essays to biographies. I have also called on Skip to write each of our editorials.  For every assignment Skip has been required to supply his accompanying photographs and for each he has produced photographs of outstanding quality.

            As an editor my greatest concern has been dependability, quality and most important the ability to deliver on time even on short notice. Skip Johnson has never failed to deliver the best for me.

            I would not hesitate to give him my highest recommendation as a professional photographer/writer.

            Please feel free to call upon me for additional information.


Robert M. La Torre, Editor

Ocean County Magazine

Home Phone  732-849-1163