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The circles seem to never-endingly expand as PC is no longer your computer. The societal change permeates itself into all levels and facets of your being. How this all transpired is the fodder of many a diatribe or discussion. Most do not recall an era called the 'sixties'. A time of upheaval that championed one hallmark - "Tell It Like It Is!"

Somewhere along the way, and over the rainbow, that "birthright" was gradually diluted and washed in psyche soap until each and every attorney took the required courses: Make Everything Slander, Discrimination, Bias, etc., etc. The end resulting state is quite onerous and foreboding. Simply put - say nothing.

Of course, saying nothing carries a deeply-slashing double edge. It also means that problems or situations are permitted to perpetuate themselves because no one may speak up about them. To become the messenger is to be summarily executed.

On the personal level many more 'issues' cannot be addressed publicly, or privately for that matter. The walls have ears.

Hence, we opined this situation and found two ends of the spectrum: one end not caring at all and the other end caring and hurting greatly. If you care, send a Hallmark. Love and hate are the same coin. The opposite is indifference. Accepting these motivations we elected to keep nothing sacred. Everything is subject to attack, humorous or biting, sarcastic or downright vicious. Get it off your breast baby, kick it to the curb and keep on truckin'.

The gallery contains our first edition. We trust you will find them an uplifting experience and cause you to purchase a dozen or so. We will not, however, send them to your chosen one. Our attorney has advised against it.